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Friday, May 27, 2022

Green Chalk

                                                                         Empowering education life cycle through advanced technology driven solutions 

Green Chalk, a software platform which can empower the region's education system. Green Chalk from Scottsdale Global Innovations Middle East is a subsidiary of ABN, which we coded with a vision to empower trillions of aspiring kids, parents and schools will prioritize the change to deliver unprecedented levels of performance. We will be providing a platform for the schools to pick and put the features they require, for the parents - seamless updates and facilities from the feel of a home/office - about the kids academics, leave management and attendance updates, school bus transportation subscription & tracking (we don't track humans), online fee payments, alerts on due bills, event notifications, grade and score updates (we wont spam parents, parents can control their required updates), online stores, library updates, Live feeds about the present class, faculties, activities (we wont feed live cams, we believe human privacy as important).For schools Green Chalk will evolve into a complete system based on school's requirement. You no longer needs to adapt to a software system, where in Green Chalk will adapt itself for you. Next features you may required to incorporate are decided on the basis of the feedback from customer. The question we ask is, does this solve your problem ? Is there anything else we can do better ? 


Cloud Based - Advanced Algorithms - Elevated UX - Zero Initial Set up

The use of technology to manage the resources and deliverables at a school is rewarding if it is beneficial in multiple ways. GREEN CHALK™ is a cloud based program with an innovative user response system using the latest technology with zero initial set up. 

Customized Features - Smooth Migration from Existing Systems

‘Your GREEN CHALK™ will speak for yourself’. We build systems to cater the requirements for our clients. GREEN CHALK™ will adapt to your school systems. Our innovative frame work and technology which is the base will be filled with the features that you may need so as to have a smooth migration from existing systems. 


Customized Reports
Your required analytics, Your reports

Student Safety - Child Transport Simplified- Live School Bus Tracking- SMS alerts for picks/drops - ETA intimation - Travel History - Over speed Alerts - Stop Deviation Alert - Route Deviation Alert - Geo Fencing Technology - Transport Subscriptions - Transport Fee
No longer do your children have to wait in pouring rain or hot sun. With our transportation management system, parents will know when their child’s bus is arriving, reducing the time their children spend standing by the side of the road. Schools transportation tasks simplified than never before. 

Welcome on board Green Chalk secured school bus - Live tracking enabled for your child’s transportation. Parents can see the subscribed trips and the position of subscribed vehicles. Stop Detection & ETA by SMS or App Notification would ensure you no longer wish to use your private vehicles when Green Chalk™ secures your kid’s transportation. We welcome your kid on board Green Chalk™ secured school buses.


Communication - SMS, Event Reminders Emails, Automated Calls, Mobile App Notifications, 2way communication - Smart Diary
Different modes of communication can be utilized to ensure communication between schools and parents will no longer be missed. Parents can use a two way communication system to connect with their kids & school coordinators

One stop spot for parents

Green Chalk is an one stop spot for parent to keep track of child’s entire school related activities. Siblings can be added to same or any school with in our network.


Your child’s fee payment is a few clicks away

Integrated payment gateway system will enable you the freedom to pay your kids fees at the feel of your home/office. No more queues.

Your Calendar is now smart to integrate with your mobile calendar

Consolidated Calendar system where in you can see your child’s attendance, leave application and approvals, forthcoming  events, reminders etc.


                                  Purely hand picked academic modules according to school's requirement above our revolutionary framework

Academic Module with guaranteed periodic system updates

A purely customized system from our proven academic code repository will be adopted and fixed according to academic head’s requirement that is not limited to our basic system such as attendance management, smart examination/assessment system, result announcement, curriculum management with live feeds to academic head and a versatile time table. We will build it for you.

Paperless admission process

Online application system integrated with payment gateway for parents. Robust application management system for schools will no longer be a tired experience for schools & parents. Alerts for parents on their wards admission status.



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